Reasons Not To Drink And Drive


There here are no reasons to DUI. Literally none. Drinking and driving is a needlessly stupid thing to do. There is always an alternative to DUI. it’s illegal for a reason. If you’re driving drunk, then you may as well say “I’m too special for the law to apply to me. I know it’s there for a reason, but why should I have to follow it? I’m taking needless risks with my own life, as well as that of everyone around me.” In 2015, 29 percent of all car crashes in the US were a direct result of drunk driving, with teenagers being the worst offenders.  When you factor in how few people drink drive, that 29 percent looks very scary.


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Bad driving

The major reason as to why you shouldn’t drink and drive is because alcohol slows your reaction times and affects your coordination. It also makes people more confident and foolhardy, which isn’t conducive to safe driving. This means that you’re more likely to drive faster, take unnecessary risks, and react to things more slowly than usual. When travelling fast, half a second could make the difference between stopping safely and hitting something.

Increases crashing risk

DUI is a bit like Russian Roulette. Sure, it might be fine. But you’re also much more likely to have a crash. Maybe you’ll run into a tree, and the only damage will be to you or your car. But you can’t guarantee that. You’re just as likely to hit someone else’s car (opening up a whole world of criminal litigation against you) as you are a tree or a fence. But of course, you could hit something living. Maybe it’ll be a dog, or, worse, something big like a deer. However, it could be a child running out into the road, and all of a sudden, you’ll wish you had that extra half a second to react.


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If you get caught driving with too much alcohol in your bloodstream, you could lose your licence. Of course, it doesn’t stop there. You could end up paying huge fines, for one thing. However, there’s an equally high risk of you ending up in jail: not just for weeks or months, but in some situations, years. The expensive way to try and avoid this would be to hire a DUI lawyer. The cheap way to avoid any of this happening, would, of course, be not to drive drunk in the first place. Of course, if you crash, but don’t kill anyone, then you run the risk of injury and permanent disability. Your car’s crash protection isn’t flawless. You could end up with severe injuries to your brain or spine, as well as burns or loss of limbs. DUI is simply not worth it.

So, if you ever get tempted to drive whilst drunk, remember this article. Think about what might happen. Don’t take a selfish, needless gamble. Don’t make yourself live with horrible consequences. Don’t become part of the 29 percent of car accidents.

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