Ready and Waiting: How to Take Your Car With You Wherever You Go


If you’ve spent thousands on a fancy new car and made it your pride and joy, then it’s understandable that you want to take your car with you wherever you go. You could be travelling across the country, moving to a new country or city, or perhaps you just want to take it for an adventure across the continent. Either way, it’s completely acceptable to want to take your prized possession everywhere you go, so here are some tips and advice on how to bring your motor vehicle with you no matter where you plan to go.


Get used to interacting with different mechanics wherever you go

You might think that there’s a perfect mechanic somewhere in your city, but if you travel often then chances are you won’t get to see them very often. When you travel to another city or to a different country, you’re going to need to find a new mechanic each and every time you arrive.

Whether it’s to replace tires, tune a part or check on the health of your vehicle, get used to making friends with mechanics wherever you go. Learn their names, interact with them, save their phone numbers and you’ll find that having friends in garages will make your travelling lifestyle much easier. If you find yourself travelling across a country with a different language, then it can be worth keeping a phrasebook handy or learning about the car so you can point to parts that you know need replacing or maintenance.

Consider vehicle transport for long distances

Unless you own a James Bond spy car with lots of gadgets, then chances are you’re going to need to hire a vehicle transport service to move it across large bodies of water if there’s no boat available or if your vehicle can’t fit on a ferry. There might also be cases where you need to travel long distances back home or to a new city and you’re too tired or intoxicated and unable to drive. It’s time like this where you might consider winging it, but unless you want to end up in an accident with injuries and a broken car, you’d be wise to contact a transport service to help move your vehicle to your destination while you take a taxi, train or even sit in your car while it’s in transit.

Carry emergency supplies

If you plan to travel everywhere in your car then you better carry some basic supplies. For example, a spare tire (or even two) will help when one of your tires is punctured. Basic car maintenance tools like wrenches, tire pressure gauges and screwdrivers will also be valuable purchases that you can easily store in your car. If you do end up in a bad situation, then a book of emergency contact numbers will come in handy if you travel to different countries, and it’s never a bad idea to have a first aid kit and some emergency rations stored in your car if you end up stranded or lost.

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