Never Lock Yourself Out Of Your Car Again!



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Of all the things that can happen to a driver, locking yourself out of your car is one of the most frustrating. If you’ve never circled your car, swearing up a storm in the pouring rain, every now and then glancing at your keys through the window, then you’re definitely one of the lucky ones! If you’ve only regained access to your car on the other hand, here are some simple tricks to ensure you never lock yourself out again!

Have an Exit Routine

Start dedicating yourself to one set routine of getting everything together, exiting your car, and locking the doors. When you have several different ways of securing your things and locking the car up, you’re bound to get muddled sooner or later, and wind up fuming on the outside while your keys are securely locked on the inside! On the other hand, if you follow the same pattern every single time you leave the car, you’ll make it far less likely that you’ll ever screw up and land yourself in the mini-hell of locking yourself out!

Get a Lanyard

You might have seen people walking around with their keys jangling on lanyards before, and wondered how they get by without that long, flailing strap getting in the way of everything. While they may have got them caught on something before, the one thing these people have never done is lock themselves out of their car. In many cases, people lock themselves out because they’ve got too much stuff and not enough hands. With your keys on a lanyard, the keys come out of the ignition, go around your neck before you even get up, and then you’ve got nothing to worry about!

Keep a Copy of your Keys on You at All Times

While it poses a negligible security risk, this is another very effective way to ensure you never get locked out of your car again. Make a quick call to a business like Lock, Stock & Farrell locksmith, and in no time at all, you’ll have a backup car key that you can use if and when you ever find your original keys on the wrong side of the door. To avoid making things easy for pickpockets, be sure to keep this copy in some little nook of your wallet or purse.

Get a Carabiner

Carabiners, as you may not know, are those long metal rings with a spring-loaded hinge-clip on one side. They’re used for mountain climbing, but can also be a great deterrent against locking yourself out of your car. Just clip one on the same ring as your car keys, and make this a part of the “exit routine” we mentioned earlier. The shiny, eye-catching colour hanging off the ignition will remind you to take your keys out as soon as you come to a stop. Then, you can clip it to a belt loop, the strap of your bag, or anything else in a quick, fluid motion. This is another remarkably small trick that can save you a world of trouble!

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