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Everybody wants to be a part of the luxury car club. Even those people who claim that they’re perfectly happy with their modest little machine which gets them from point A to B in one piece. In an ideal world, we’d all get luxury cars if we could. Still, that’s just a pipe dream, isn’t it? In the real world, there’s no way you could possibly afford a luxury car. Or maybe you just need to dig a little deeper. There are many other ways to become an owner of a sophisticated vehicle, so here are some pieces of advice that might just help you join the luxury car club without going bankrupt.

Leasing instead of buying.

Instead of taking out a second mortgage on your home to afford a luxury car, why not look into leasing instead? Most car owners keep a certain model for several years or a decade before switching it for a better model; age and the promise of better models on the market are usually the reason for doing so. And whilst a luxury car may be more, well, “luxurious” than the typical commercial vehicle, who’s to say it won’t be as worn-out and outdated in several years too?

That’s why it’s much smarter to lease a luxury car for a few years before moving on to the next luxury model (and so on) rather than buying it outright. You’ll save yourself a heap of money and you’ll still technically be a luxury car owner. There are plenty of new luxury models, such as the Buick Enclave, which fall within the mass market’s buying budget and certainly within the mass market’s leasing budget. Again, it’s all about doing your research.

Looking at older models.

Drooling over those sleek new BMW and Jaguar models at your local car dealership? Well, think about it; all those big manufacturers come out with an endless range of new car models every year. Those brand new machines will be outdated in the blink of an eye. Rather than going for “new” when it comes to buying a luxury car, why not simply go for… luxury? Some older models from a few years or even a decade ago still look stunning and they cost a whole lot less than the newest cars on the market. You could check out sites which have the Jaguar X, XE, S, F Type for sale if you wanted to do a little personal research into preowned vehicles. The point is that luxury is timeless. Rather than following the latest trends because they’re “new”, you could opt for an older model of a car and save yourself a lot of money.


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Saving money.

At the end of the day, the best way to afford a luxury car is to start saving. Sacrifice some of those other luxuries in life such as nice meals and expensive technology until you can afford the car you want. You just need to find some motivation to ensure you stick to your saving plan and don’t blow all your funds on something else. You could do some research and look at some of the new models such as the BMW X1 or the Audi A3 so that you have a goal to aim for. Give up other luxuries for the sake of this one incredible luxury.

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