It’s Not Easy Being Green! The Best Hybrids For A Road Trip


For the modern driver, the hybrid is more than just a way to save money on fuel. But, in fact, as the number of hybrids is increasing ever so steadily on the market, it’s proving to be an excellent alternative to the conventional petrol and diesel cars. For the environmentally conscious among you, heading out on a road trip usually means you have to settle for the cheap model that spews fumes into the skies, but it doesn’t need to be like that anymore. So here is a pick of the best hybrid cars to try out.

Fiat 500 Coupe



Sassy and sporty, the Fiat 500 is a big seller across the world and is also a stylish way to get around. With the good value for money as well as its reputation as a safe little runaround (despite its small size) means that it’s a great choice for many car rental companies. And the luxury factor lends itself well to luxury experiences which explain why it’s a popular brand for luxury car rental companies like Legacy Car Rental, and what’s more, the 1957 edition adds that extra bit of European charm to your road trip. So if you are embarking on a hipster’s road trip, this is the car for you!

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV



Of all the hybrid SUVs, the Outlander is a great choice because of its practicality, in combination with the low running costs so it lends itself well to long journeys and short ones, depending on if you pick the plug-in GXh hybrid version or not, which is more suitable for the short journeys. But you can pick the diesel or hybrid petrol electric Outlander which is great for long distance journeys, so if you’re planning on covering as much land as possible in a short space of time and you’ve got a family in tow this is your best shot.


BMW i8


A lot of cars boast of their practicalities, but on the other side of that coin, the BMW i8 is the poster car for fun and, of course, speed. This car has a range of cutting edge technology but also is incredibly fun to drive and covers a lot of miles while still looking after the planet. It helps that it looks amazing and drives like a dream. Overall, if you are after a car that is exciting to drive and is kind on the environment, this is the one to go for. It’s very much a greener version of the Porsche 911!

Volkswagen Golf GTE



Reliable, safe, and great for the environment, the Golf GTE is a great practical drive and covers many miles for your buck. It’s also a very affordable vehicle, and with this hybrid, you’re not just relying on battery power, there’s also a petrol engine to keep you on the road if the batteries go flat.

Hybrids don’t have to be boring relations to the cars we have on the road right now, but if you are going for style, variation as well as the green angle, you only have to try these few models out.

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