It’s All About The Engine, Isn’t It?


As a car lover, you might have a passion for power and a passion for speed. Maybe you just love the roar as the machine fires up? Perhaps it’s more about the handling and the drive for you, though? Either way, most of us with a love for cars will admire the craft and workmanship that goes into an engine. Whether you see it as elegance in design or a raw statement of strength, you’ll probably spend a little more time considering the engine in your other power equipment too.

The Macho Mower

Let’s face it – nobody wants to be seen trimming their front lawn with a weedy electric mower that can’t make the cut. We want it to make some noise! An engine with force behind it has to be petrol driven. Outdoor power equipment like this takes the effort out of the job at hand too. Simply hit the button and let that mower munch it’s way around your lawn to a perfectly trimmed finish.

The Beast Inside The Backup Generator

Power cuts will never phase the man that has his backup generator fuelled and ready to crank up. There is certainly something smug about the guy that never has to go without, whatever the weather! No more shall he worry about the freezer defrosting. Nor shall he miss the big game on the sports channel. Most importantly, the beer will remain chilled throughout until the utility company puts the mains power back on.


The beauty of an engine. Credit

The Snarl Of A Snow Blower

Yes, even the trusty snow blower has an engine that can put you in charge of the weather at once. Working in subzero temperatures can cause engine problems, so it’s important you pick a make and model that can truly handle its purpose. After all, you don’t want to be THAT guy, freezing in the winter, trying to coax his engine to start!

The Thrust Of A Tractor

Tractor engines might not be built for speed, but they’ve got enough thrust and power to drag, pull, and push whatever might be in their way. Driving a tractor is only half the story with these machines. It’s about the ability to control even the heaviest obstacles. You can carve out the land, shift tree trunks, or simply ride up high and take in the view!

What About The Motor?

A motor powers many things, including our beloved remote control cars. The main difference between an engine and a motor is the energy source. Engines usually run on fuel while the motor is electric powered. So, with the dawn of electric cars, are we saying goodbye to our trusty combustion engines?

The hybrids that are becoming more popular right now have both the combustion engine and the electric motor. One or both might be used during a typical journey. It is fair to say that the sound of the engine can’t be replicated by an electric motor. Not many of us are too convinced that the power and thrust can be replicated either. For now, we have our beloved fuel powered machines. Savor it!

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