Is It Ever a Good Idea to Ditch Your Car for a Motorcycle?


In this day and age, it’s becoming incredibly expensive and difficult to own a vehicle. According to statistics at Nerdwallet, it costs roughly $706 a month or £8,469 this year to own a vehicle. This data doesn’t even include monthly car payments. It goes without saying that this is an incredible amount of money that should not be underestimated.

This is why many people have decided to trade in their cars for lighter vehicles such as electric scooters, motorcycles or even electric cars. In this article, we’ll be focusing on motorcycles and the concerns that you should keep in mind if you were to ever ditch your car in favour of a motorcycle.


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Conveniences and Luxuries

One of the first things to consider is how convenient a motorcycle is and how luxurious a car is. If you plan to drive your children around then it’s probably never a good idea to get a motorcycle (unless it’s just one child). A family car will always be superior when it comes to family scenarios. It has a large boot for storage, it can carry up to five people including the driver, and it gives you far more possibilities when it comes to holidays.

However, if you want pure convenience then nothing will beat a motorcycle. It’s lighter, cheaper to run and can get you places that a car could never. In short, if you have children or plan to have them in the near future, then stick to your car for now.

Safety Concerns

Another good thing to note is safety. Motorcyclists often have to wear padded clothing to protect themselves if they were to ever fall. They also need to lock up their bikes using chains to prevent theft and it’s not uncommon to get to know your own motorcycle accident lawyer. The laws surrounding car and motorcycle accidents are slightly different and you’ll want to brush up on your safety knowledge if you do decide to switch to a motorcycle.

Motorcycles actually have a much higher accident rate than vehicles and this is usually caused by the lack of protection that a motorcyclist has. Since they don’t have a large metal shell to protect them from impacts, it’s a lot more dangerous if you ride it around recklessly.

The Costs

Owning a motorcycle is far cheaper than owning a car even when you factor in the mandatory safety equipment that bikers should wear. The vehicle itself is a lot cheaper, insurance isn’t as expensive and you’ll even pay less for fuel. If you thought only about the cost of ownership, then a motorcycle is going to win every time. However, if you’d prefer the convenience of carrying children around in a car, then stick to it for now.

There is, however, absolutely nothing wrong with owning a car and a motorcycle. You’ll split usage between both so they are always in use, and you get the best of both worlds assuming you have some extra cash to spend on your vehicles.

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