How to Avoid Road Trip Despair



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There’s common saying that suggests “life is not about the destination – it’s the journey that counts the most”.  

Indeed, some could argue that it’s not about the destination or the journey – it’s the car that you take the journey in that matters the most, as many would agree a fun car can turn even the most long and arduous journey into a cool adventure.

However, these long road trips, particularly when shared with family can be fraught with tension… essentially, you’ve got several people in a confined space with very little to do and this environment can lead to disaster; this article therefore offers five simple tips to avert road trip despair.

However, one of the most important things to consider before setting out is to ensure your car or van is in good shape to undertake the trip.  Nothing is worse than having to wait by the side of the ride for the tow truck to come along and recover your vehicle, particularly if you’re planning an adventure, which is where preparation pays dividends.  It’s also a good idea to carry an emergency kit along with decent roadside recovery in the even there is an issue with the car.

Now that you’re all set to take the journey let’s look at five ways to avoid road trip despair.


Thanks to Satellite Navigation, the days of arguing over a huge map are mostly over – now, at least, there is a common enemy when the SatNav gets it wrong.  However, it is good to plan out a route that allows for some interesting stop-offs along the way.  Agreed, driving up the motorway for five hours is the most fuel and time efficient way to travel in a car, but think of all the things you are missing out on along the way.  


If you’re taking a long journey with children you’ll be wanting to avoid those four words every parent fears on a long car journey… “are we there yet”.  The trick here is to ensure your kids have plenty of engaging activities that don’t require adult participation – whether that’s watching a film on a mobile device or something more ‘old school’ like a colouring book and some crayons.


The thing we sometimes forget, is that even for the adults, a long car journey is a somewhat frustrating and tedious experience.  It’s therefore important for the adults to have something to keep them entertained too; often this can be as simple as a great soundtrack for the journey, a good book, or some deep conversation – which is particularly effective at keeping the driver engaged without being too distracting.


A great game to play with your family, particularly if you have a Spotify account or similar, is to create a playlist before you go on your trip that includes the favourite songs of each person in the car; presuming you have access to the internet, an even better way to go about this is to pass the device around the car in turn so that each person selects a song.


Eating breakfast is a great way to start your day before hitting the road, as not only does it help with driver alertness it also helps passengers prone to travel sickness feel less nauseous because it lines their stomach.

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