Glaring Symptoms Of Bad Drivers


Whenever you’re operating a car, no matter how much safety tech the manufacturers have piled on, you need to be sharp and aware of everything going on around you. Unsafe weather conditions, unexpected hazards, and your own complacency can all make getting from A to B extremely dangerous. However, one of the biggest dangers you have to be aware of is the other people on the road. Although they can come out of nowhere, bad drivers have a few glaring symptoms that it can pay to look out for…

Looking Everywhere but the Road

Obviously, every driver has times where they glance quickly to the left or the right of their vehicle. However, there are some people who seem to think they don’t really need to keep an eye on the road ahead of them! If you see a car that’s cruising along much slower than the surrounding traffic, pay attention to where they’re looking. If they’re checking out some roadside feature or trying to read house numbers, keep your distance. They’re going to be slow to react to the conditions around them, and may abruptly stop to turn in somewhere.

Food, Phones, and Fuming Arguments


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As phones have become better, it’s become more and more socially acceptable to use our phones at the wheel. While legislation is cracking down on this issue all over the world, there’s still a long way to go, and distracted driving leads to thousands of fatal accidents every year. There are even more which lead to severe injuries, and send countless drivers to accident lawyers. You can read about them here. Whether they’re texting, eating food with one hand, or getting into a heated argument with their passengers, avoid distracted drivers like the plague. Their reaction times can be even worse than a drunk driver’s in some cases!

Abrupt, Unpredictable Lane Changes

Lane changing in a safe, controlled way is a fundamental part of learning how to drive. Despite this, there are way too many drivers on the road who treat highways like their own private race track! Dangerous lane changes are one of the leading causes of collisions in the United States, not to mention a number of European countries. If you see anyone on the highway swerving haphazardly across the lines and overtaking other cars at any opportunity they see, keep a sharp eye on them and don’t get too close. If one of these bad drivers is coming up behind you, then simply maintain your speed, and stick to the correct lane.

Driving Too Slow

Speed Limit Sign 55 Speed Road Route 61 Highway

Speed Limit Sign 55 Speed Road Route 61 Highway

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Although speeding is one of the most dangerous things you can do as a driver, there’s just as much danger in driving way too slow for the surrounding traffic conditions. Drivers who are moving too slowly may be distracted, lost, or even drunk. These drivers can be easy to ignore, but keep an eye on them! If you’re stuck behind them and you get a safe opportunity to pass them, then it’s best to do it as quickly as possible!

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