Four Easy-To-Modify Cars That You Can Make Sing to Your Tune


The tuning and modifying of cars is a favoured hobby for many and even a career for some. It is something that allows petrol heads the chance to make an impact on the cars they drive. It is something that allows petrolheads the chance to be creative in a way that suits them. And there are a host of cars out there that act as blank canvases for these petrolheads to be creative on. Four cars that are easy, and safe, to modify can be found below.

Honda Civic

If you are new to the world of car tuning and modifying, then the first canvas that you should seek to work on is car like the Honda Civic. In fact, even if you a professional in the world of tuning and modifying then the Civic isn’t a bad car for you to get to grips with. This is because the Civic is both easy to modify and fun to modify.

For amateur tuners, the Civic is the perfect car to practice on because of the fact that it too strong to be impacted by minor modifying mistakes. It has handling dynamic skills that can’t be ruined by minor mistakes. And it has a transmission system that can withstand slight slip-ups. For professional tuners, especially those that prefer performance over prettiness, the Civic is a fun car to play around with because it can easily be made to be even stronger after modification.

But that’s not to say the Civic can’t be made to look pretty, or at least more aesthetically pleasing, than it does when it comes straight out of the factory. There are many accessories out there just waiting to be added to a Civic, and you could be the one to add them.


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Acura Integra

The Acura Integra is truly a car that is absolutely brimming with modification potential — and this potential can be unleashed by novice tuners and pro tuners alike.

The first area of the Integra that has massive tuning potential is its windows. With a bit of legal tint, this car’s iconic slanted windows can be made look even sleeker. What’s more, for practicality reasons the tinting of an Integra’s windows can protect the inside of the car from sun damage. Thus, this means that the life of this already ageing car can be prolonged further and kept looking fresher for longer.

And when it comes to modifying the rest of an Integra, you’ll never have to worry about a lack of accessories and body parts because there will always be some to be found on the market, as this is one of the most stolen cars in the world. What’s more, you can find Integras cheap to buy too, which means the whole modifying experience need not cost a pretty penny.


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Mazda MX-5 Miata

The Mazda MX-5 Miata is one of the most modified cars to ever be manufactured. And it is so for very good reason.

One of the main reasons as to why the MX-5 has been so modified in the past is because it comes ready built with track racing and track drifting skills that are the envy of all other everyday cars. And these track skills can be made even better and tightened up every further when modifications are made to them — no, when the right modifications are made to them. The car can be made to grip the ground even better and it can be made to go even faster too. But, remember that the right modifications need to take place upon this car, so only those experienced in the world of modifying should do the tuning here, i’m afraid. And remember, no matter how fast this car is made to go, it should only ever be driven quickly on the track, and never on the road! So, if you think you’re up the task then why not try modifying the MX-5 and turning it into a speed demon, and then taking it on a track day to show off your (safe) speeding skills.


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Nissan 240SX

And if it modifying a car for track experiences, especially track drifting experiences, that has you salivating at the prospect of fine tuning a car, then look no further than the Nissan 240SX when you’re looking for your next blank canvas.

This car comes straight outta the factory with rear-wheel drive, a transmission that is just about as strong as any other car’s and an engine that seemingly will never stop working. And when a car comes outta the factory with all of this, as the 240SX does, then its potential to be modified into a track monster is unparalleled. And the modifications that should take place in order to obtain this end result include: tinkering with the thread and maybe switching to a SZ5 and changing the chassis mods.

And, if you are a naive tinkerer and tuner, then you’ll be happy to hear that you can in fact get to grips with this car with ease because of how simple a car it is to get your head around and work with. What’s more, this car can be drifted in safely, too, even by those that have never drifted before. But, like with the MX-5, make sure to only ever do you drifting on the track, specifically on a drifting track. And remember, drifting is always going to be dangerous, no matter how many times you may or may not have done it in the past, and no matter how many safety modifications you make to the car you are drifting in.


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Tuning and modifying cars can be a very worthwhile experience. It can give you something to work towards and really get stuck into, and everybody needs something like that in their life from time to time. And it can provide you with something to be proud of once you are done modifying it. Just remember, some cars are easier to tune than others, and you should never try anything that is deemed to be over your skill level. And, no matter your skill level, you should have your modified car looked over by a professional tuner or a mechanic that you know before you begin to drive it. By doing so, you might just save your life or the life of a fellow road user.

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