Failure To Ride: Why Neglecting Your Car Is A Bad Idea


Neglecting anything is a bad idea. Right?

If you neglect your body, you’re going to get ill, if you neglect your mind your mind you won’t be able to perform at 100 percent. If you neglect your job, you’re going to get fired and if you neglect your house it is going to get dirty and fall apart, eventually.

So why would you neglect your ride? If your car is expensive, what is the reason for not caring for it? Think about it. If you’ve invested in your car, why would you let it come to any harm.

You wouldn’t and shouldn’t, right? Neglecting it isn’t an answer. Not only will your car succumb to neglect and damage, it might even put you, the driver, in danger and in need of legal support in the form of someone like Robinson & Associates.

Don’t do it.

Firstly, if you haven’t changed your tyres for an eon, you should do this. Tyres are keeping your car glued to the road and they act on every order you dictate via the motion of steering. If they are damaged or worn, they aren’t going to relay your orders very well and this could result in quite disastrous consequences – not only from the embarrassment of spinning the car out, but you could end up in a collision that’s going to cause you and someone else, a great deal of personal harm. Don’t forget your tyres and their pressure.



The internal workings of your car are easy to forget about, since you’re not constantly looking at them. You will constantly be using them, though, so if they fail – it’s likely because rising issues with them were not addressed. Address issues before they become a problem. For instance, if you notice a difference in the stopping time of your car, this is likely because the brake pads are wearing out. Your car relies on friction to stop, so brakes will always wear out. Get them changed out, and you’ll feel a lot safer when you drive. Coolant and engine oil will need to be changed regularly to ensure that your car doesn’t overheat or fail due to a buildup of grime.

If you’re not going to use your car in a while, it’s important to store it in a safe manner. Short-term, parking in the shade will be a good idea, but if it’s going to number into the weeks and months, you should find a more permanent solution. Store your car in a garage and cover it up to ensure no bugs or pests make it their new home. Also, make sure the tank is full of gas and that the car is started regularly to keep the battery ticking over. This is so you can keep the car running for when you need it.

Neglecting your car is an exercise in pointlessness. It’s not going to get you or your car anywhere. Take the time to perform the smaller tasks and you’ll avoid a major headache down the line. You’ll probably avoid an accident on the roads as well.

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