Emergencies On The Road And How To Prepare For Them


The open road is a place full of danger. No, it’s not exactly the rooting, tooting Wild West and there are no inebriated gunslingers to be seen (we hope not, anyway) – but there are still plenty of hazards. It’s a world full of fast metal cars traversing and intercrossing – it’s only natural that it be dangerous.



Now, that shouldn’t put anyone off of driving – you’re not going to get into an accident you start up your car, but it should encourage us all to be a little bit more cautious on the road. A good conservative drive might seem ‘boring’ to the speedfreaks world-wide, but a car serves as transport, not a white-knuckle ride on the road. Keep that in mind.

Now, plenty of situations can occur on the road when you are traveling from A to B – it’s important to plan as much as possible to not only prevent these from occurring but to prepare for their arrival. The age of self-driving cars isn’t here just yet – so you’re going to be relied on here!

The best way to avoid any kind of emergency is to keep a well-maintained car. Oil changes will stop your engine shutting down on the freeway, and a tyre change will prevent you from losing control thanks to worn out tyres. Keep your engine topped up with coolant or anti-freeze depending on the driving environment and make sure your brakes are in order. If you notice a change in the performance of your car due to the brakes or tyres, book your car in for a change before you risk trouble when driving. If you keep on top of your car maintenance, you’ll avoid some serious road emergencies – like blown tyres and stalled engines. You may never be able to predict a breakdown, so it’s important to keep some water in your car and possibly a blanket.

Fatigue is a real issue on the road, so be sure to get plenty of rest before each session of driving. Microsleep on the road can’t be prevented if you are weary and could end in disaster, so don’t drive if you are tired. Of course, if you’ve got a long haul drive ahead of you -it might be worth checking yourself into a flight and your car into covered car transport for one leg of the journey so you can rest. Rest is seriously underrated.



An air conditioner can come to your rescue in the car. When your windshield fogs up, you could have some real issues, especially when driving at high speeds. The air conditioned will suck in fresh air to lower the humidity in your car and clear your fogging windows.

Weather also presents a very obvious emergency, especially snow. Keep a shovel ready in the trunk of your car incase you ever need to dig yourself, or someone else out.

There are plenty of things that can happen when you are driving, that’s why it’s so important to prepare and prevent them for a safe and long drive!

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