Dealing With Car Accidents: How to Get Around Stress and Anxiety Following a Crash


Car accidents can be a traumatic time. If it doesn’t leave permanent injuries to those involved, then it will leave bad memories on that person that could prevent them from ever getting behind the wheel again. It’s not unusual for people that were involved in car accidents to become terrified of cars, be it as a driver or passenger.

While a small bump or light crash won’t dissuade us from ever driving again, a major crash or accident that leaves injuries on us or our loved ones could tip us over the breaking point. During our lives, we constantly encounter challenging situations, but nothing quite compares to fearing for safety during a crash. If you’re a car accident victim, then you might know how anxious someone feels after experiencing a crash. Should you ever encounter such a situation, here are some tips to help you relax and stay calm during the ordeal.


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After the initial crash, you need to start calming your thoughts. While it can be a hectic time to remain calm, the best way to do this is to be alone. Once you’ve secured the safety of yourself and your passengers, sit on the sidewalk and gather yourself. If people approach you, then kindly ask them to leave you alone for a couple of minutes. If they are aggressive, then ignore them and shoo them away if they try to touch you. Once you get home, take a shower and head straight to bed unless you feel strong enough to report the crash to your insurance company.

Defensive Driving Course

Many people get over the fear of driving by taking a course in defensive driving. Although you might not have caused the crash, it doesn’t mean that you can’t refresh your knowledge about safe driving. It’s a good way to boost your confidence and motivate yourself to start driving again. Learning new driving skills is a great thing no matter the circumstance, so even if you haven’t been in an accident yet, consider taking a defensive driving course to bolster your safety skills.


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You Aren’t Alone

It’s common to feel anxious after a traumatic car accident. There are many support groups on the internet and locally that you can join to discuss your experience and speak with individuals who have gone through the same as you. You’ll also get to converse with people who are currently going through the same thing, and you can help each other clear those anxious feelings so you can continue living your life and start driving again.

Reduce Stress

Your levels of stress will undoubtedly be high during and after the accident. Whether it’s stress from the crash itself or the papers and forms to fill in during the aftermath, it’s very common. Make sure that you take time off work and relax with friends and family. Tell them how you feel, let them comfort you, and surround yourself with positive vibes so that the stress melts away. A healthy diet will help improve your mood, and you should consult your doctor if you feel like the stress is affecting your daily life.

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