Cutting The Running Costs Of Your Car


Driving a powerful car is great fun. There’s no better feeling than the rumble underneath you as you pull away and feel the rapid acceleration, but it’ll cost you in gas. If you’re driving a Porsche around everyday, you’re going to eat up fuel and burn through your cash pretty quickly. Its best to get yourself an everyday runner for getting about in, you’d be surprised how much you can save. Opting for a bit of a smaller, more efficient engine can really bring down your gas consumption, not to mention repairs and insurance will be a lot cheaper. If you think you need to bring down the running costs of your car, here are a few tips.

Make Your Current Car Cheaper

Although it might be worth getting a new car, you can also cut the running costs of your current car. By attending defensive driving traffic school online, you can cut the costs of your insurance by quite a considerable amount. Insurance is usually one of the biggest costs involved, so it’s definitely worth thinking about. If you find yourself making regular trips to the gas station, it might be the car, but it also could be your driving. You can make your gas last alot longer if you are careful. Easing up on the accelerator is key, it might be more fun to put your foot to the floor, but it’s going to cost you. When you’re stuck at the lights, switch to neutral otherwise you’ll keep on burning gas, and not going anywhere. If you’ve tried all of this, and you’re still spending a lot on running costs, then maybe you do need a new car. Here are some good options for cars that are cheap to run.

Chevrolet Spark



The Chevrolet Spark isn’t the best looking car, and it’s small, but if you don’t mind looking a bit silly, you could save yourself a lot. It should set you back about $12,000 but it is a very dependable car, that won’t break down very often. If you do have any problems, parts for it are cheap so repairing it won’t break the bank. It is also very fuel efficient so you’ll make savings there as well.

Toyota Corolla



The Corolla is one of the best loved Toyota’s on the market, and for good reason. It’s incredibly tough and resilient, so repairs will be rare. A lot of Corolla’s out there are still going strong after a staggering 200,000 miles. It’s won plenty of awards over the years, mainly for its great safety features and alarm systems. Having a safer car can massively decrease your insurance costs.

Honda Accord



The Accord is like Honda’s answer to the Corolla. It was first released in 1976 and it’s been a bestseller ever since. It’s a great mid-sized car for families, and if you treat it right, you can keep it going for more than ten years. The latest model will set you back $22,000, but you can easily find a second hand model that is much more affordable.  

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