Choosing Your First Set Of Wheels


It’s always an exciting time for a new driver when it’s time to find a vehicle. After all, it’s your first set of wheels which you can use to be more independent. And you don’t have to rely on lifts from parents and siblings anymore! However, choosing your first car is much more than just opting for a great color or the cheapest car on the books. There are some important factors you should consider before signing on the dotted line. In fact, here is some advice for choosing your first set of wheels.



How safe is the new car?

Safety is always important when you first get out on the road. After all, it’s likely to be your first time without an instructor or a parent in the vehicle. And it can leave you feeling nervous. Therefore, you need a safe car which will enable you to get from A to B without any trouble. Thankfully, there are a lot of safety features you can get on new cars which will help make your driving experience a smooth one. For one thing, you might want to get a dash cam for the vehicle. With one of these, it will record your journey while you are out on the road. So if someone did end up crashing into you, you would have footage to prove it wasn’t your fault. After all, it’s so easy to blame it on a new driver! And you might want to opt for a car with rear view cameras and a lane-keeping assist. Both of these can give you the support you need for when you are facing the open road.



How will it affect your insurance?

As much as you might want a speedy motor for your first car, you need to think about insurance before diving in with this choice. After all, the larger the engine, the higher your insurance will be. And with insurance costs for new drivers already being through the roof, you don’t want to make it even higher. Therefore, whichever vehicle you are thinking about getting, you need to make sure you make a car insurance comparison first to ensure it won’t cause the price to rocket. And that way, you know whether you should rule out the car, or move forward with the purchase!

How easy is it to drive?

You should always go for something which is going to be easy to drive for your first car. After all, if you have had little experience, you need something which you feel comfortable and safe in. But a lot of people get excited about certain vehicles which have a ton of features like six gears. But if you choose something you are going to struggle to drive, you are going to end up at higher risk of having an accident. Therefore, opt for a small vehicle for your starting car which is easy to drive. In fact, take the car for a test run first before you agree to take it off the garage’s hands! That way, you know it’s the right car for you.

And remember while it’s tempting to spend tons on the car, you should not spend a small fortune. After all, a lot of people have an accident in their first car!


Image from Pexels

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