Buying a MINI Hatchback



Originally launched by Morris Minor in 1961, the MINI is an extremely iconic car. It’s the kind of vehicle that almost anyone can identify, whether the individual asked is interested in cars or not.  This is perhaps thanks to the vehicle’s unique and eye-catching design.The original reason for creating such a small vehicle was to create something that could operate with a lower fuel consumption thanks to fueling rationing of the day. But what is it that keeps us coming back to the MINI time and time again, even in the 21st century? While the MINIs that you see on the road nowadays vary drastically from those of yesteryear, our longstanding love of this vehicle as a nation could be thanks to the maintenance of its distinctively retro aesthetic and the fact that it is notably small when compared with the majority of other road vehicles. So, if you’re part of the MINI fan club and are considering bagging one of these vehicles for yourself, here’s everything that you need to know about them!

Buying New or Second Hand

If you’re interested in classic MINIs, you’re going to have to buy something that is relatively well used. However, for newer models, you’re going to have more options on your plate. When you buy a brand new MINI, you have the benefit of having complete control over the maintenance and treatment of the vehicle from the start of its journey. You don’t have to worry about scratches, marks, or faults created by previous owners. You also have a fully functioning vehicle that will likely have a warranty, so if there are any inherent problems with it when you pull off the forecourt, you’re covered without having to sacrifice your no claims bonuses. A major problem, however, is the extreme loss that you make as soon as you drive it away and it switches from “brand new” to used. If you buy a second hand MINI, you’re going to have a smaller initial outlay. However, you may have to consider specialist MINI Repair work to rectify aesthetic or technical problems.


As long as you’re looking at any MINI hatchback model besides the Mini Cooper S or Mini Cooper SD, you can expect to get turbocharged three-cylinder engines. Now, this is impressive for such a small vehicle! If you opt for the S or SD, you gain an extra cylinder. The good news is that despite the extra power, you shouldn’t expect to experience any significant vibrations to run through the gearstick and steering wheel throughout the duration of the ride. The vehicle comes with adequate suspension, which drives most smoothly with smaller wheels. If you do prefer larger wheels, consider having dampers installed; these ensure that your vehicle yields more easily.


One of the best things about owning a MINI is the freedom you have with its appearance. There are so many colours and even patterns available that can help to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. You truly will be driving something personal and unique.

As you can see, the MINI is a versatile vehicle that should serve the needs of the average road user perfectly. Just put a little thought into exactly what you want from the vehicle before placing down a deposit or agreeing to a purchase, as it’s a relatively large investment!

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