As A First Time Driver, Safety Should Be Your Top Priority



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As a first time driver, the odds are already against you. Statistics don’t lie, and an overwhelming number of first-time drivers will be involved in a car accident within their first year on the road. This is one of the reasons why insurance premiums for first-time drivers are so high. A crash isn’t a possibility. It’s almost inevitable at this point. That’s the bad news. The good news is that as a first-time driver, there are ways to limit your chances of adding to that stat. Here are some of our best tips for staying safe on the road in your first year as a driver.

Do Some Extra Research

You might want to start by completing a little more research into driving and, staying safe on the roads. You might think that after you pass your driving test, your work is done. You can relax, knowing that you are a qualified driver. On the contrary, your work is just beginning. You may want to go here to have a look at a complete intro for safe driving after you pass your test. It’s more than just sticking to the rules of the road. You need to think about stopping distance, hazard awareness and responsible driving techniques. There’s a lot more than the basics to get to grips with.

Take An Advanced Driving Course

Once you have passed your chance, you may have the opportunity to take an advanced driving course or something similar. An advanced driving course will give you a more in-depth knowledge of the roads. It will help you  to understand how to deal with more, you guessed it, advanced situations. These courses tend only to last a day if that. Passing is usually just a matter of proving that you have absorbed this information. There are more advantages here than just a safer time on the road. If you take an advanced driving course, you’ll find it easier to get a driving related job. You will also discover that your insurance rates are a lot lower.

Choose A Safe Car

When you buy your first car, you’ve probably got two things on your mind. Horsepower and speed. Safety isn’t typically a top priority for new drivers, but perhaps it should be. Remember, that statistic we talked about when you purchase your first vehicle. Don’t let the fact that you passed your test first time go to your head. Choose a vehicle with a little less power that’s a lot easier to handle.

Always Look Ahead

Finally, this is a basic piece of advice but one that you should take on board. Most accidents can be avoided with a little forward thinking. You always need to be looking ahead while driving. Don’t just think about the first car in front of you. You need to keep an eye on the car four vehicles ahead. If you spot that it’s braking early, you could save yourself from an expensive accident.

Good luck with your first year on the road. Remember to stay safe while you’re having fun.


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