America’s 3 Best Motorcycle Rides




The call of a motorcycle road trip is as ageless as wanderlust itself and as loud as an unmuffled Harley. “On a cycle, the frame is gone,” Robert M. Pirsig, author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance says in his book. “You’re in the scene, not just watching it anymore.” We recommend you take Pirsig’s word here: pack up, head to one of these four all-American destinations, and drop into the world.

Whether you are a motorcycle novice or a biker vet, there is a route and road for you. Big mountains, glaciers, and coastlines all line the roads of the USA and form the perfect backdrop for cruising. Whether you want to go it solo or book on a tour with Motorcycle Tours USA, each of these routes will leave you awestruck by the world, and nature. Each of these routes will introduce you to new people, places, and faces. What are you waiting for?

Denali Highway, Alaska

The Road: The Denali Highway, also known as Alaska Route 8, is actually east in Denali Park, following the Alaska Range as it runs toward the Yukon. The road comprises two lanes and 135 miles linking the Richardson and Parks Highways.

The Ride: Raw natural beauty that starts with 21 miles of partially paved road, followed by a ribbon of pothole-ridden washboard surfaces, scores of potential roadkill (and, when the season is right, hunters), and awe-inspiring views of glaciers and peaks.

When To Go: Aside from the obvious weather constraints of this stretch, which includes the second highest pass in Alaska (with a 4,086-foot summit), riders should check the web for road closures, which are frequent and unpredictable.

CA Route 58, McKittrick to Santa Margarita, California

The Road: McKittrick to Santa Margarita is the best stretch of the 261 miles of two-lane highway that meanders from the Mojave Desert to the California coast.

The Ride: An eclectic mix of desert, mountain, and canyon riding that covers some of California’s most diverse landscapes.

When To Go: Summer months can be hot and arid, so bring plenty of water when the weather heats up.

US Route 129, Deal’s Gap, “Tail of the Dragon”, Tennessee

The Road: Route 129, also known as Deals Gap, is an 11-mile mountain pass that skims the Great Smoky Mountains National Park at the North Carolina-Tennessee state line.

The Ride: This famous stretch of two-lane blacktop offers 318 tight twists in 11 miles, attracting legions of motorcycle and sports car fanatics from near and far.

When To Go: Come anytime but summer, when crowds of enthusiasts swarm the road. However, if you’re up for a good biker meetup, then this is definitely the time to go!

Going to the Sun Road, Glacier National Park, Montana

The Road: 50 miles of paved, high-elevation pavement in Montana, and the first National Park Service road to cross the Continental Divide.

The Ride: From the scenic stretches of Lake McDonald and the steep cliffs of the Logan Pass to the Jackson Glacier Overlook, views from the Going to the Sun Road will tempt you to pull over, take your helmet off, and grab a snapshot.

When To Go: Though the road is typically open from late June or early July, closures due to snowfall are not uncommon during the rest of the year. Check the National Park Service for status on plowing and accessibility.

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