Amazing Car Modifications For Disabled Drivers


For most of us, picking a new car is a fairly straightforward decision. We go to the showroom armed with a list of all the features we want our dream car to have, complete with a few added extras if we can wangle them (such as our color of preference). Okay, so we might not come away with exactly what we went in there looking for – but chances are, it’s a pretty close call. However, car buying isn’t always this simple for everyone. For those of us who live with a disability, picking a car to drive has to be a very precise process. Depending on the scale of a person’s disability, they may not be able to drive a ‘regular’ car. They may instead need to look for something that has been modified or enquire as to whether certain modifications can be put on an existing vehicle. Here in 2017, it’s pretty mindblowing to think that there once was a time when driving was simply not an option for the disabled. But now, there’s absolutely no reason why anyone with a disability cannot drive a car. Take a look at the following amazing modifications that feature in the cars of many disabled drivers – some of them are truly innovative.

Transfer plates

If a person’s disability means that they spend much of their time using a wheelchair to get around, their first issue with driving will be actually getting into the vehicle itself. It is by no means an impossible feat, however, as companies such as Advantage Mobility Outfitters specialize in easy-access vehicles for the disabled. If you are going down the modification route, transfer plates are the most popular options for helping wheelchair users get in and out of their cars. The plate is fitted to the side of the driver’s seat, wherein it provides a smooth surface for the transfer between chair and seat to occur. Once it has served its purpose, it simply folds away.


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Pedal modifications

If a person’s disability affects how well they can use their legs, they may want to look into pedal adjustments for a safer driving experience.  If the pedals are too far away for the driver to reach, they can be extended, bringing them closer to the driver’s feet. Additionally, if the disabled driver is concerned that their disability may cause them to accidentally hit accelerate, they could have a pedal guard installed to prevent this from happening.

Speed controls

For some disabled people, the use of their legs is totally out of the question. However, that does not necessarily mean that they will be unable to drive a car. Dashboard speed controls are very popular in modified cars, and enable the user to control pretty much all aspects of the vehicle with just their hands. Steering balls are very useful here, as the enable the user to drive with one hand, while the other hand controls things like speed and braking.

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