Accident Aftershock! What Happens When You Get Home?



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From the moment you pass your test, you will dread the day of your fir
st car accident. Unfortunately, the odds are that you’ll have an accident at some point in your driving career. These times are difficult, obviously. They are times filled with emotions and pain. This makes it hard for people to be completely rational, causing problems when it comes to dealing with the aftershock of an accident.

The best remedy for confusion and stress is preplanning. If you already know what to do after an accident; you can deal with it quickly and calmly. What you need to do after an accident will depend on who caused the accident. So, this post goes through both sides.

  • If You Caused The Accident

Ideally, if you caused an accident on the road, you will want to have it handled privately. This will avoid getting legal teams involved. Try to contact the other driver as soon as you can, remaining sympathetic the whole way. It’s best to avoid directly taking responsibility for the accident, in case it goes to court.

If the damage is minor, and the other driver isn’t injured, you might be able to simply pay for the repairs. This is better than getting insurance involved, as making a claim makes your insurance go up in price. But, if the damage is too costly to repair, you may need to get your insurance involved.

The other driver may try to claim compensation if they’re injured. This isn’t a problem if your insurance covers it. Make sure that any insurance you buy will cover legal costs and payouts. Your insurance company will fight the claim, but your yearly premium is likely to go up, even if they win.


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  • If They Caused The Accident

Unlike accidents you cause, accidents caused by another driver should be dealt with by your insurance company. Let them contact the driver on your behalf, who will also hand over control to their insurance company. This will give you the best chance of coming out on top, in the event of an accident.

If you’re injured by the accident, you could be entitled to compensation. You should have called an ambulance at the scene, to cover your back. The opposing insurance company is likely to dispute a claim for compensation. Unfortunately, these disputes are too difficult for most people to deal with. But, you can find an attorney from a site like this one, that will fight the case for you.

You’ll need to provide all of your evidence to the attorney, who will let you know if they think that your claim will be successful. You need to realistic with this. Small injuries, which don’t change any aspect of your life, will likely be ignored.

Hopefully, your travels will remain safe and free from danger. But, if you ever do need this information, it’s right here for you. Good luck in any disputes that you have to take part in, and remember to do your research.

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