A Crash Course In Protecting Yourself In An Accident



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So much can be said for the preparation when it comes to avoiding an accident on the road. Things like being visible, checking your mirrors, performing regular maintenance checks and so on. But even with the greatest of preparation plans in place, accidents can still happen. That’s when you’ll need to know what to do.

If you are injured or your vehicle is damaged by the reckless driving of another motorist, you could well be entitled to some form of damages or compensation. As such, here are the steps you should take if you do find yourself caught in an accident.


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Make Sure You Contact The Local Law Enforcement

If you are in an accident, then you are required by law to report it to to the police. But it isn’t only a requirement that benefits them. By getting a police report, you are getting a review of the accident completed by a trusted source. This will benefit you because, without a police report, it is could just be your word against the other motorists, and that may not see justice prevail. It doesn’t matter what promises the other driver makes you, always ensure you contact the police immediately.

Think Before You Speak

Chances are, you’ve seen some sort of film or TV show that has a protector of the law in it. That means you’ve definitely heard someone say, “anything you say can be used against you in court.” Well, that is absolutely true. Of course, you can get some details here, but to give you a quick understanding of this, even the slightest gesture of politeness can be used against you as an admission of guilt or, at the very least, as a chance to reduce the liability the other motorist faces. So just watch what you say, okay.

Make Sure You Are Not Injured

The thing about a car accident is, your adrenaline levels go wild. That means you can be injured without knowing you are injured. Adrenaline can mask pain, like that. As such, it is important that you get checked over by a medical professional. You may be 100% confident that you have come out unscathed, but the shock can hide anything from lumps and bumps to broken bones. So check yourself over first, and then get a doctor or paramedic to check you over too. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Always Exchange Details

Once you have called the cops and checked yourself for any injuries, it is crucial that you exchange your details with the other motorists involved. The shock can often lead you to forget certain requirements you will need, but as a golden rule, you should always ask for their name, telephone number, address, insurance company and policy number if they have it. That isn’t all. Take down their license plate number too, and any details you can about the car, such as the make and model and color. If you have a camera on your phone, then take some photos as well, especially of the damage. All of these will help you later down the line.

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