5 Driving Tips to Ensure You Never Get Your License Suspended


Losing your license is fairly easy. All it takes is a few DUI offences, speeding tickets or a car accident that you drive away from and you’ll quickly lose your license. However, losing your license isn’t exactly a desirable thing and most people would prefer to hold on to their right to drive a vehicle.

Unfortunately, breaking the law is common and we do things every day that don’t go down well with the law. If we’re caught, we could get points added to our license and before we know it, our right to drive will be suspended. If you want to avoid having your license suspended for completely avoidable reasons, then here are a couple of tips.



Get to know a lawyer

If you’ve been in trouble with the law due to your driving tendencies, then you’d best befriend specialist lawyers such as the ones at the Skinner Law Firm. Although it’s recommended that you avoid running into the law as much as possible, there are times when you’ll repeat the same mistake again and, let’s be fair, we are all human. It takes a couple of failures for us to realise what we’re doing wrong and to fight the temptation of committing an offence for our own convenience. It costs a lot to hire a lawyer and fight your case, so the best way to avoid this is to drive safely. However, if it’s taking you a while to learn, then get to know a lawyer.

Remember your car insurance

Car insurance is expensive and everyone hates to pay for it. Sadly, if you’re caught without car insurance, then you’re susceptible to a license suspension. No one likes to pay for it, but if you want to keep on driving and avoid confrontation with the law, then you’d best sort out your car insurance and have all the relevant documentation and paperwork in your vehicle for those few pesky times when the law pulls you over.



Stop speeding

Practice discipline when you drive and keep an eye out for speed limits. Some states are unforgiving when it comes to speeding fines and they’ll lay out speed traps all over the place. If you drive around various different states, then it’s worth your time to brush up your knowledge on their speeding laws so you know the exact speed limit you can stay at.

Parking tickets

Depending on where you come from, parking tickets can get expensive and add some unnecessary points to your license. Avoid this altogether and make sure you’re not parking in places that you shouldn’t be, keep an eye out for times when you can park, and always make sure that you have a permit for specific places. Private companies and city police usually have quotas to meet because it’s how they are paid, so unless you want to feel the wrath of an officer that’s just trying to put food on the table, do your best to avoid a parking ticket.

Use public transport

You own a car, that’s great. However, are you using it responsibly? Take drunk driving, for example. It’s something a lot of people have done because they think driving for five minutes to get home from the club isn’t a big deal. Sadly, that five-minute drive could turn into the longest night of your life when you crash the car into a lamppost and injure your passengers or other drivers. Don’t do it. Use public transport when applicable or take an Uber.

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