4 Tricks To Safe Hitchhiking



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In the modern day of doom and gloom, hitchhiking has gotten a rather bad reputation. People think it is dangerous and that anyone willing to pick up a stranger must be some kind of crazed axe murderer. But this is a complete myth. Only a small percentage of these people are actually crazed axe murderers.

In fact, hitchhiking is one of the purest things anyone can do these days. You are entwining your life with a complete stranger’s for just a moment, influencing each other’s futures by complete chance. It has a pull that everyone – even robots – surely experiences at some stage in their life.

As such, we have come up with some top pieces of advice for the first time hitchhiker, tips that will keep you safe and keep you moving. Enjoy.


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Be As Confident As Possible

Your success and safety are going to be determined by small things like the way you smile at cars that drive by, and the way you look in their eyes with warmth and friendliness. In fact, smiling is going to be one of your best assets, so always pretend the next car coming toward you is the one that is going to pick you up. This is kind of like a job interview, but with the potential employers driving past you, so be smart, smiling and positive. This will keep you safe too because the more confident you are in yourself the less likely you’ll be to attract the wrong type of lift.

Go With Your Gut When Someone Stops

Just because you are a hitchhiker doesn’t mean you can’t be picky because you absolutely can. You are under no obligations to step into someone’s car. So always feel out what you can and weigh up your perceptions of them. It could be that they are in a bad mood, there could be a lot of people in the car, perhaps they aren’t looking at you in the eye, or there could be beer bottles all over the footwell. All of these are valid reasons to say no, especially the latter one. You don’t want to get in a car with someone who has a DUI attorney on speed dial, it just isn’t a wise idea. So if something feels amiss then politely say, “thank you, but no thank you” and then wait for a better opportunity.

Don’t Try And Stick to Any Plans

You may have been locked in a life where you every minute is planned, but that is not going to be the case anymore, and if you can’t accept this then you are going to find hitchhiking is the worst experience in the world. The very essence of waiting for a complete stranger to pick you up means that you never know where you are going to end up or how long it will take. That is part of its charm, its adventure and its intrigue. So go with the flotsam and jetsam and accept it as it comes. If you don’t you may never move from that spot on the side of the road.

Always Make Conversation

There are a tonne of reasons as to why someone would pick up a hitchhiker, from boredom to philanthropic, but almost always the person will want to chat. People should chat, it’s a great way of bonding, and it is a great way for you to pay back these people for their generosity. It is also your chance to find out something about them, such as their name, where they are from and all sorts of stuff which you can then relay to a friend should you feel it necessary. Also, take down any details you can, such as the license plate, the make and the model. They’re probably perfectly nice and amazing people, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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