4 Things Your Older Self Would Tell You About Your New Car


Just bought a new car? Congratulations! Unless you bought it in a single lump sum, you’re going to be paying off that new beauty over the next couple of years, so you better hope it was worth it! Unless you bought it on a whim and picked it because the car dealer said it was good, then you’ve probably done a lot of research on your new vehicle and you’re probably quite pleased to finally have a new car.

But what would our future-self say to you right now? Here is a couple of things that you’re probably going to be telling yourself in the future about your new car.



It’ll never feel the same as your first car

The feeling of getting inside your first car is going to be one of the most memorable experiences. No matter what car you buy in the future after your first one, it’ll never quite feel the same. Every car feels different; the roar of the engine, the shape of the seat and even the way you grip the wheel is going to feel slightly off when you’re used to one car and you decide to drive another car. It’s also a very personal piece of machinery. You’ll know where everything is, such as the documents for your car, where you keep a spare bottle of water, and how fast the car can take you.

Don’t forget to take it to a garage regularly

Cars, much like other types of machinery, can break very easily. Sure, they’re sturdy pieces of engineering that are rated to last a very long time, but with so many moving parts and some electronic devices in each vehicle, you’re going to have a hard time diagnosing what’s wrong with your vehicle if you don’t take it to a mechanic. If you want to take maintenance into your own hands, then a TPMS would be a great addition to your car’s glove box. Tire pressure is very important in keeping your car running smoothly, so it’s a great idea to start learning how to diagnose and fix issues in your car early on.

Getting lost sucks

You might be relying on your phone right now to provide you with a map, but it’s not always a good idea to forgo a dedicated GPS unit. Let’s face it, smartphone batteries are slowly getting better but until someone comes up with a smartphone battery that can last as long as our old Nokia phones did, we’re better off getting an updated GPS device to guide us around the world.

Learning about your car is the best decision you could make

Car repairs can take a lot of time and the costs will add up. That’s why many people who are invested in their vehicles will take additional time to learn about the cars they are driving so that they know how to fix issues and how to detect problems. As mentioned before, every car is different which means you should instinctively know when your car is having some issues. Perhaps the engine roars differently or maybe the brakes feel a little off.

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