4 Reasons Why Buying Used Is Always Better


Buying a car is always an exciting time. Once you’ve got enough money for a deposit and good enough credit rating to take out a low interest (or zero interest) loan for your vehicle, the exciting part begins; choosing one. If you’ve got a decent amount of money saved up then you might be thinking about buying a new car. After all, all the latest safety features and technology are only installed in new cars and if you want to be the talk of the neighbourhood, then you have no choice but to purchase a new vehicle to stand out.

There are, however, some clear reasons why buying a used car is always going to be better than buying a used one.


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  1. Some old models and cars are too good to pass up

One of the biggest advantages of buying used cars is the amount of variety available. If you want a classic vehicle such as the 1961 Jaguar E-Type or even a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, then you’re going to have to buy them used. For a car enthusiast, buying used is often the way to go. Appreciating older vehicles is something that not everyone can get used to, but if you want the best variety in car makes and models, then a used car dealership is going to give you far more excitement than a branded new car dealership.

  1. It’s cheaper overall to buy a used car

Used cars are obviously far cheaper. There are, however, some hidden costs of owning a used car. Most of these hidden costs are related to increased insurance premiums and maintenance costs, however. For instance, an old car is probably going to need more repairs and it will have worse fuel efficiency than a newer car. If you need to replace the parts inside of an old car, then there’s a chance that you need to order in custom made parts specifically for your vehicle because it’s difficult to repair. However, once you factor in these potential costs (they don’t happen often unless you buy a niche vehicle) it’s still cheaper than buying a new car from a licensed dealership.

  1. Useless technology and extras on new cars

Many new vehicles come with useless technology that isn’t needed, especially if you’re a relatively safe driver with some experience. This results in having to pay a lot of extra money for features that you personally don’t use. This can be demoralising for anyone that buys a new vehicle. The overwhelming number of buttons and dials can be frustrating, and not everyone appreciates LCD touch screens that can be used to control their car’s functions.

  1. Avoiding unnecessary fees

Lastly, we can’t forget about unnecessary fees when buying a new car. When you purchase a new car at a licensed dealership, you need to think about additional fees such as processing, advertising and potentially even customisation fees for when you custom-order a car from their website or dealership. Some of these fees can total to several hundred, making them an unnecessary expense that will eat into your budget.

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