3 Sneaky Ways You Can Afford The Car Of Your Dreams Today!



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Everyone has dreams and aspirations of owning a particular car. It could be one that you’ve thought about for years, fantasized about ever since you were a child. Or, it could be a car that fits your needs so perfectly, you just have to have it. The only problem is, most of us struggle to afford that car we really really want. If we don’t have enough money to pay for the car, we’re usually forced into spending less and settling for a worse car.

Of course, we could save our money and go back to the dealership at a later date to purchase the dream car. However, saving for a car can take a long time, and be very difficult too. You’ll need to live your life on a strict budget to raise funds as quickly as possible. So, many of us are inclined to believe that our hopes of owning that dream car will never become a reality. But, did you know there are many sneaky ways you can afford the car of your dreams today? It’s true, there are plenty of ways you can afford a brand new car, without suffering a colossal hit to your bank balance.

As luck would have it, I’ve listed all of these ideas below, to help you purchase your dream car:


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Car Finance Plans

There are many dealers that will offer you car finance plans to make purchasing your dream car much easier. Likewise, if you buy directly from a car manufacturer’s website, they tend to always offer these finance plans. The benefit of finance plans is that they allow you to spread out the costs of your car, over a few years. So, instead of paying a huge lump sum all in one go, you pay smaller amounts each month, until the full price of the car has been paid off. Naturally, there will be interest rates included too, and you must keep up with your monthly repayments, or they will soon go up and up.

This is a fantastic option as many people can’t purchase their dream car all in one go, but would be able to afford it with the costs spread out over a few years. You may think paying for something over a few years is quite a long time, but, chances are you’ll keep this car for much longer than it takes you to pay the full price off.

Car Loans

Buying a car for its full price all in one go does have a few benefits. For one, you get to drive out of the dealership knowing that you own the vehicle, and don’t have to rely on a finance plan. Secondly, when you pay in full, there’s a better chance you can haggle to get the price dropped a little bit, saving you money. However, how do you pay for a car when you don’t have money? It’s simple, you apply for a car loan. Car loans help give you the money you need to pay for a car. The good thing is, they don’t have to be paid back all in one go, and the payments can be split up over a few months. They’re essentially similar to other loans with payment plans that help put the borrower at ease by giving you a schedule instead of demanding the repayment all at once.

Why get a loan when you can apply for car financing? Two reasons, firstly, you get to buy a car in full, right there and then. Secondly, depending on the car or dealer, a loan may be more affordable than a finance plan. It literally all depends on who you’re purchasing from, and the car you’re buying. Plus, let’s say your dream car is a vintage vehicle as you’re a bit of a car collector. In which case, you might find it online and have to buy it from an individual rather than a dealer. Consequently, you won’t get the option of a finance plan, cash will be demanded up front. So, a loan can supply you with that cash, and help you get the car of your dreams. Just make sure you check interest rates and shop around for the best loan on the market. Typically, these loans are supplied by banks and car dealers.

Car Leasing

One of the most interesting ways you can afford your dream car is by leasing it. If you don’t know what leasing means, it’s a form of renting. Yes, it’s possible for you to rent a car for a long period, much like you would an apartment or house. Again, this is one of those options you will only find offered by legitimate dealers or straight from the manufacturer’s website. The idea behind it is very similar to a finance plan. You choose the car of your dreams, and then have to make payments every month. However, the difference is that you are on a contract which will eventually run out. When it does, you no longer own the car and will have to take out a new leasing plan or lease a different car.

This is another idea that’s perfect for people who can’t afford to outright pay for their dream car. It’s also great for people who might have multiple cars they dream of owning. It allows you to own one car for some years and then have the chance to lease out a different one. Plus, these leasing contracts rarely come with interest rates and you can set up a direct debit to pay them on time, every time.

In conclusion, there are plenty of great ways you can afford the car of your dreams. Don’t let your financial situation bring you down and make you think it’s impossible to buy a nice car. All of these options have one thing in common; they allow you to spread out payments in one way or another. The best thing about all of them is that you won’t have to wait around for a long time trying to save up funds. You can literally walk away with the car of your dreams today if you consider any of these three options.

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