About Us

First Pit Stop was created by 3 car enthusiasts in 2010. With a combined 50 years in the automotive industry, First Pit Stop is the most informative website for auto related news.

Jordan Conway– Over 15 years in automotive sales. For expert advice on purchasing/leasing new vehicles. Jordan Conway will guide you every step of the new vehicle purchase/lease.

Contact Jordan at: j.conway@firstpitstop.com

David Alexander– 20 years in the auto parts and service industry. For expert advice on proper maintenance for your new/used vehicle. Or anything related to the auto parts and service industry.

Contact David at: d.alexander@firstpitstop.com

Anil Dhillon– 18 + years  in automotive sales and service. For expert advice on everything related to purchasing/leasing a new or used vehicle.

Contact Anil at: a.dhillon@firstpitstop.com